Covid – 19 Policy for Seakayak Shetland

September 2020

We are now in Phase 3 of the restrictions lifting and so can operate practically as normal. There are still a few things to note though;

Hand sanitiser will be available to be used by guides and participants before and after handling any equipment.

We usually ask for assistance when carrying kayaks to and from the water. We will advise the best practice for this based on the circumstances on the day.

While we will try to adhere to social distancing there may be occasions when this is not really practical; for example, when adjusting footrests for the comfort and safety of paddlers.  

Social distancing will not be adhered to if there is a safety issue; for example, assisting a capsized kayaker back into their boat or administering First Aid. 

If you are not happy with either of these possibilities, please do not book a trip just now.

If any kayaking guides or members of their households display Covid-19 symptoms all trips will be cancelled for at least 14 days.   Anyone booked for a trip will be informed of this as soon as possible.

Participants will be asked to confirm that no member of their group or in their household has displayed symptoms at any time in the past 14 days.

Contact details of everyone on each trip will be kept for 21 days. 

If anyone in the group develops the illness, please inform Seakayak Shetland or the NHS Track and Trace Team as soon as possible.  Seakayak Shetland will advise the NHS Track and Trace team and share contact information with them of everyone who was on that trip.

Equipment will be cleaned after each use.

We do not ask for payment until a trip is complete. We do not currently have card facilities, We can accept payment by cash, cheque payable to Angus Nicol or, if you prefer, we will supply our bank details for an online payment. Please let us know before the trip so we can be prepared.

If you would like further clarification on any of the above, please phone to discuss your concerns as this will be much easier than by email.